White Bear Yacht Club

White Bear Yacht Club Overview

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Located at 56 Dellwood Ave, Dellwood, MN, White Bear Yacht Club is categorized as a membership sports and recreation club. It brings in a revenue of $3.8 million annually and employs 78 people. Drawing clients in with their boutique allure, White Bear Yacht Club enjoys a dynamic reputation. A CEO manages the company.

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White Bear Yacht Club Employee Statistics

Employees at White Bear Yacht Club represent a wide variety of alma maters, but the most common among them are Century College, Mahtomedi High School, Metropolitan State University, University of Minnesota, and Centennial High School.

Based on trends in employee education at White Bear Yacht Club, there's plenty to be said about the company's intellectual environment. The highest level of education for most White Bear Yacht Club employees is high school graduate (29.03% of workers). At White Bear Yacht Club, academic achievement is set to high standards. About 19.35% of employees hold a Bachelor of Arts degree while 9.68% have a Bachelor of Science.

Other companies like Chili's, Dairy Queen, Blue Moon Dine-in Theater- MN State Fair, Drink and Drive Intelligently, and Hearts 4 Charity are popular choices for White Bear Yacht Club applicants.

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