Western Feed & Pet Supply

Western Feed & Pet Supply Overview

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Matt Boyer
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Farm supplies company Western Feed & Pet Supply is located in 4500 Pell Dr, Sacramento, CA. It has an annual revenue of $17.8 million and employs 47 people. Well-known in the marketplace, Western Feed & Pet Supply has a niche quality that has certainly gained popularity. Matt Boyer currently heads the company as Owner.

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Western Feed & Pet Supply Employee Statistics

Among the many alma maters represented at Western Feed & Pet Supply, Sierra College, Eldorado High School, and Sacramento City College are the most common.

The intellectual environment at Western Feed & Pet Supply is diverse, but there are plenty of trends among employee education. The most common educational background among employees at Western Feed & Pet Supply is high school graduate (40% of workers).

Candidates seeking work at Western Feed & Pet Supply have also shown interest in Starbucks Coffee Company, CA Air Resources Board, VCA Animal Hospitals, CA Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, and Sonic Drive- Ins.

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