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Lawrence Baetens
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An investment advice company, Wellington Financial is situated directly at 42100 Garfield Rd, Clinton Township, MI. It brings in a revenue of $454,420 annually and employs two people. A tight-knit focus makes Wellington Financial wildly popular in the boutique space. This company is headed by current President Lawrence Baetens.

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Wellington Financial Employee Statistics

Wellington Financial draws applicants from around the country, but certain universities stand out above the rest. Among candidates, Monticello High School alumni represent 25%, Mesa State University accounts for 25%, and Piedmont Virginia Community College makes up 25%.

Employee education trends at Wellington Financial provide insight into the intellectual environment. The most common degrees held by Wellington Financial employees are Associate of Science, 2014 Corporate Flight Attendant: Aviation Beyond and Above ­ Corporate Flight Attendant Training School - Ft Lauderdale, FL l Member of FAA l Coursework in Hotel Administration, and High School Diploma.

Candidates applying to Wellington Financial have also shown interest in Altus Finacial, Crystal Clean Eco Services, and The Mortgage Company.

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