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A men's and boy's trousers and slacks company, VF Jeanswear is situated directly at 3363 Us Highway 301 N, Wilson, NC. It pulls in a yearly revenue of $835.3 million and employs 4,920 people. VF Jeanswear's reputation in the boutique space is something to be admired. The company's leadership is headed by a CEO.

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VF Jeanswear Employee Statistics

Employees hail from a wide variety of alma maters, but the most common are Wallace State Community College, Davidson County Community College, Luray High School, Gordon Cooper Technology Center, and Wilson Community College.

Trends in employee education at VF Jeanswear provide important insight into the company's intellectual environment. The most common educational background among employees at VF Jeanswear is high school graduate (33.03% of workers), followed by those who hold a GED (10.09% of workers). Among VF Jeanswear employees, about 1.83% hold a Bachelor of Arts degree while 3.67% have a Bachelor of Science.

Candidates seeking work at VF Jeanswear have also shown interest in VF Imagewear, The Clock Fine Foods, Vanguard Services, Taco Bell, and Pearle Vision Express.

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