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Peter Mitchell
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Vatterott College is a vocational schools, nec company, and its headquarters can be found at 10257 Saint Charles Rock Rd, St Ann, MO. It pulls in a yearly revenue of $33.2 million and employs 379 people. A niche company, Vatterott College has come to be quite popular in the boutique market. President Peter Mitchell currently heads the firm's leadership.

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Vatterott College Employee Statistics

Most employees at Vatterott College are alumni from Vatterott College, Sanford Brown College, University of Phoenix, Precision Point School of Cosmetology, and Butler County Community College.

Trends in employee education at Vatterott College reveal a lot about the company's intellectual environment. At Vatterott College, the most common educational background among employees is high school graduate (9.43% of workers). Academic achievement is very important at Vatterott College. About 2.83% of employees hold a Bachelor of Arts degree while 8.02% have a Bachelor of Science.

Among Vatterott College candidates, companies like Sanford Brown College, Regency Beauty Institute, SSM Healthcare, Pure Beauty Bar, and River City Marketing are also popular places to apply.

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