UFC Aerospace Corp

UFC Aerospace Corp Overview

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UFC Aerospace Corp is an automotive dealers, nec company, and its headquarters are located at 14000 Military Trl # 106, Delray Beach, FL. A CEO leads the firm.

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UFC Aerospace Corp Employee Statistics

Tarrant County College-South, Western New England College, and Burleson high School are the most common alma maters among employees at UFC Aerospace Corp.

For a glimpse into the intellectual environment at UFC Aerospace Corp, look at the trends among employee education. Employees at UFC Aerospace Corp typically hold a M.S, Associate of Arts, Associate, B.S, and <ul><li>CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION: </li><li>Air Force Professional Development Program Certifications:</li><li> Level III: Program Management</li><li>Level III: Acquisition Logistics</li><li>Level II: Communications and Computers</li><li>Level I: Engineering</li><li>Level I: Test and Evaluation</li><li></li><li>Professional Education:</li><li>Defense Planning and Management for Logistics (DPML)</li><li> CSTI Logistics Support Analysis Course</li><li> Systems 200, Acquisition Planning and Analysis.</li><li> Contract Finance for Program Managers</li><li> Introduction to Configuration Management</li><li> Squadron Officers School (Correspondence Course)</li><li> Systems 100, Level 1 Acquisition Management.</li></ul> degrees.

Other companies like 5 Munitions Maintenance Squadron, 86 Equipment Maintenance Squadron, First Call International Inc., Air Space Management Program Office, and Webster University are popular choices for UFC Aerospace Corp applicants.

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