Trihealth Overview

Cincinnati, OH
John Prout
General Medical And Surgical Hospitals & 1 other industry view all

General medical and surgical hospitals company Trihealth has established headquarters at 619 Oak St, Cincinnati, OH. It has an annual revenue of $289 million and employs two people. Simply, Trihealth is making an undeniable splash in the industry with its boutique appeal. John Prout heads the company currently as CEO.

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Trihealth Employee Statistics

Candidates seeking jobs at Trihealth hail from universities all over the country, but certain institutions stand out above the rest. University of Cincinnati alumni represent 10.44%, Xavier University accounts for 2.44% of candidates, and Cincinnati State makes up 2%.

Based on trends in employee education at Trihealth, there's plenty to be said about the company's intellectual environment. Overall, the most common educational background at Trihealth is high school graduate (16.47% of workers). In terms of academic achievement at Trihealth, about 1.62% of employees hold a Bachelor of Arts degree while 13.92% have a Bachelor of Science.

Other companies that are popular among Trihealth applicants include Good Samaritan Hospital, The Christ Hospital, Pierce Township Police Department, Kroger, and University of Cincinnati.

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