Ticomix Inc

Ticomix Inc Overview

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Timothy Ancona
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The center of operations for computer integrated systems design company Ticomix Inc is at Loves Park, IL. It boasts an annual revenue of $323,000 and employs two people. Widespread popularity may not be in the cards for Ticomix Inc, but its niche success is undeniable. The company is currently presided over by President Timothy Ancona.

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Ticomix Inc Employee Statistics

Ticomix Inc draws applicants from around the country, but certain universities stand out above the rest. Among candidates, University of Iowa alumni represent 33.33%, United States Air Force accounts for 33.33%, and American Intercontinental University makes up 33.33%.

For a glimpse into the intellectual environment at Ticomix Inc, look at the trends among employee education. The most common degrees held by Ticomix Inc employees are Computer Sciences (did not finish due to financial issues) and Bachelors Degree.

Applicants seeking opportunities at Ticomix Inc have also shown interest in H2IT Inc, MetLife, Lockheed Martin, and Riverwave Technologies, LLC.

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