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Kelly Yoder
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Restaurant Sunshine Cafe has established headquarters at 3131 S Main St, Middletown, OH. It has an annual revenue of $13.1 million and employs 291 people. With a terrific niche in the market, Sunshine Cafe has become quite popular. Currently at the head of company leadership is President Kelly Yoder.

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Sunshine Cafe Employee Statistics

York County Community College, Colorado Mountain College, and Massasoit Community College are the most common alma maters among employees at Sunshine Cafe.

Employee educational trends provide a close-up view into Sunshine Cafe's intellectual environment. Overall, the most common educational background among employees at Sunshine Cafe is high school graduate (22.36% of workers). Following are GED holders (10.16% of workers). When it come to academic achievement at Sunshine Cafe, about 4.07% of employees hold a Bachelor of Arts degree while 4.07% have a Bachelor of Science.

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