Stew Leonard's

Stew Leonard's Overview

Danbury, CT
Dan Arthur
Grocery Stores

Grocery store Stew Leonard's runs main operations out of Danbury, CT. It boasts an annual revenue of $52.1 million and employs 410 people. Stew Leonard's's reputation in the boutique space is something to be admired. President Dan Arthur currently oversees the success of the firm.

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Stew Leonard's Employee Statistics

Among the many schools represented at Stew Leonard's, the most commonly attended by employees are Westchester Community College, Roosevelt High School, and Norwalk Community College.

Based on trends in employee education at Stew Leonard's, there's plenty to be said about the company's intellectual environment. In terms of educational background among employees at Stew Leonard's, the most common is high school graduate (27.27% of workers). Academic achievement is very important at Stew Leonard's. About 5.74% of employees hold a Bachelor of Arts degree while 3.83% have a Bachelor of Science.

Applicants seeking opportunities at Stew Leonard's have also shown interest in Columbia University Dialysis Center, The Children's Place, Winston Preparatory School, Calumet Lutheran Ministries, and HR Nucleus Group.

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