Stephenson Equipment Inc

Stephenson Equipment Inc Overview

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James Penman
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Based at 7201 Paxton St, Harrisburg, PA, Stephenson Equipment Inc is classified as a construction machinery company. It boasts an annual revenue of $20.8 million and employs 87 people. Widespread popularity may not be in the cards for Stephenson Equipment Inc, but its niche success is undeniable. James Penman currently holds the position of President.

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Stephenson Equipment Inc Employee Statistics

International Beauty School, Glen Burnie High School, and Kennard Dale High School are the most common alma maters among employees at Stephenson Equipment Inc.

Trends in employee education at Stephenson Equipment Inc are an important insight into the company's intellectual environment. Overall, the most common educational background at Stephenson Equipment Inc is high school graduate (50% of workers).

Among Stephenson Equipment Inc candidates, companies like Gray & Son, Uni Select, and A Measure Above Contracting are also popular places to apply.

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