Southern Tank Transport

Southern Tank Transport Overview

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Dan Horton
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Southern Tank Transport is a freight transportation arrangement company, and it's positioned at 1789 Gardner Blvd, Holly Hill, SC. It brings in a revenue of $23 million annually and employs 148 people. Well-known in the marketplace, Southern Tank Transport is quite popular for its niche appeal. Dan Horton heads the company currently as President.

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Southern Tank Transport Employee Statistics

Most employees at Southern Tank Transport are alumni from Smiley High School, Pell City High School, Wando High School, Miller-Motte, and Berkeley High School.

For a glimpse into the intellectual environment at Southern Tank Transport, look at the trends among employee education. Among employees at Southern Tank Transport, the most common educational background is high school graduate (27.59% of workers).

Candidates applying to Southern Tank Transport have also shown interest in Weatherford International Ltd, CPX Transportation, RSC Transportation, d&d plumbing and electric, and Southern Star Concrete, Inc.

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