Skippers Seafood

Skippers Seafood Overview

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Fred Rebmann
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Skippers Seafood is a meat and fish market that's located at 647 Route 72, Barnegat, NJ. It brings in a revenue of $3.5 million annually and employs 20 people. Known for its niche appeal, Skippers Seafood boasts a high amount of appeal. Fred Rebmann is at the head of company leadership as President.

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Skippers Seafood Employee Statistics

Watsonville High School, Ocean County College of NJ, American Career College, Shaw High School, and North Carolina State University are the most common alma maters of Skippers Seafood employees.

Employee education trends at Skippers Seafood are helpful in gaining insight into the company's intellectual environment. In terms of educational backgrounds at Skippers Seafood, the most common among employees is high school graduate (55% of workers). When it comes to academic achievement among Skippers Seafood employees, about 5% hold a Bachelor of Arts degree while 5% have a Bachelor of Science.

LLC, Raleigh School Of Gymnastics, Star Roofing and Construction , Bobcat Brew, and Luna Multi-Services are also popular companies for job seekers applying to Skippers Seafood.

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