Sierra Tile Supply

Sierra Tile Supply Overview

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Frank Assaf
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A brick, stone, and related material company, Sierra Tile Supply is situated directly at 2155 N Forbes Blvd Ste 1, Tucson, AZ. It brings in a revenue of $3.1 million annually and employs 26 people. Known for its niche appeal, Sierra Tile Supply boasts a high amount of appeal. The top leader of the company is CEO Frank Assaf.

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Sierra Tile Supply Employee Statistics

Among the many schools represented by Sierra Tile Supply employees, the most common are Ramona High School, Central Arizona College, Longview High School, Lincoln High School, and Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division.

For insight into Sierra Tile Supply's intellectual environment, look at the trends in employee education. The most common degrees held by Sierra Tile Supply employees are Digital Design Diploma, A.A.S, and Diploma.

Candidates seeking work at Sierra Tile Supply have also shown interest in Eleganza Tiles, Lola America, Impo Glaze Tile, EPC America, and VOGUEBAY.

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