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Shopko Stores Inc Overview

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Brian W Bender
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You can find department store Shopko Stores Inc at 700 Pilgrim Way, Green Bay, WI. It pulls in a yearly revenue of $2.17 billion and employs 26,010 people. Recognized for its specialized appeal, Shopko Stores Inc has gained quite a popularity within the industry. CEO Brian W Bender currently oversees the success of the firm.

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Shopko Stores Inc Employee Statistics

Shopko Stores Inc employees hail from a wide variety of colleges and universities, but the most common among them are From Illinois State University, Castlewood High School, and Churchill County High.

For a closer look at the intellectual environment at Shopko Stores Inc, look at the educational trends among employees. Overall, the most common educational background among employees at Shopko Stores Inc is high school graduate (36.36% of workers).

Job seekers applying to Shopko Stores Inc have also sought opportunities at Shopko Stores Inc.

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