Shepherd Chiropractic Clinic

Shepherd Chiropractic Clinic Overview

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Robert Sheperd
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Based at 2415 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN, health practitioner Shepherd Chiropractic Clinic has a lot to offer. It brings in a revenue of 95790.00 annually and employs one people. A considerable amount of popularity Shepherd Chiropractic Clinic has gained as a company stems from its niche appeal. Owner Robert Sheperd presides over the company.

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Shepherd Chiropractic Clinic Employee Statistics

Applicants across the country flock to Shepherd Chiropractic Clinic, but positions here are more attractive to alumni from certain universities. Scott Community College alumni represent 33.33%, University of Northern Iowa speaks for 16.67%, and International Sports and Science makes up 16.67%.

Trends in employee education at Shepherd Chiropractic Clinic reveal a lot about the company's intellectual environment. The most common degrees held by Shepherd Chiropractic Clinic employees are Doctor of Chiropractic and Bachelor of Arts.

Job seekers applying to Shepherd Chiropractic Clinic have also sought opportunities at Ridgecrest VIllage, Quad Cities Personal Training at Ultimate Finess, Sterling Jewelers Inc., Palmer College of Chiropractic, and Bickford Cottage.

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