Seismic Exchange Inc

Seismic Exchange Inc Overview

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Seismic Exchange Inc is a seismic data brokers - oil & gas exploration company, and its headquarters are located at Corpus Christi, TX. It brings in a revenue of $8 million annually and employs 45 people. For the boutique market, Seismic Exchange Inc has started to solidify a certain sense of popularity. At the head of the company is a CEO.

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Seismic Exchange Inc Employee Statistics

Employees at Seismic Exchange Inc represent a wide variety of alma maters, but the most common among them are Houston Community College, Westwood College, Parkview High School, Queens High School of Teaching, and Sanford Brown.

The intellectual environment at Seismic Exchange Inc is diverse, but there are plenty of trends among employee education. At Seismic Exchange Inc, the most common educational background is high school graduate (16.67% of workers).

Among Seismic Exchange Inc candidates, companies like PFS, Footaction West Oaks Mall, American Geophysical Corp TEXACO INC, First Seismic Corp, and KOHL'S INC are also popular places to apply.

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