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Salon Moxie Overview

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Shauna Schleihs
Beauty Shops

Beauty shop Salon Moxie flaunts a significant presence at 103 W College Ave # 100, Appleton, WI, where it's headquartered. It boasts an annual revenue of $567,450 and employs 12 people. Known by many, Salon Moxie has started to earn a list of admirers with its specialized appeal. The firm's success rests upon Owner Shauna Schleihs.

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Salon Moxie Employee Statistics

The largest number of Salon Moxie employees graduated from Southridge High School, Paul Mitchell the School St. Louis, and Reno High School.

For a glimpse into the intellectual environment at Salon Moxie, look at the trends among employee education. The most common degrees held by Salon Moxie employees are Associate of Science, Will graduate in Feb. 2015 , and N/A.

Other companies like Merle Norman, Town and Country, and Jena Medical Family Practice & Walk In Center are popular choices for Salon Moxie applicants.

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