River City Ale Works

River City Ale Works Overview

Wheeling, WV
John Delgrande
Eating Places

Restaurant River City Ale Works's headquarters are at 1400 Main St, Wheeling, WV. It has an annual revenue of $1.4 million and employs 33 people. Known for its boutique appeal, River City Ale Works has become quite a gem within market. The company is currently presided over by President John Delgrande.

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River City Ale Works Employee Statistics

River City Ale Works employees hail from a wide variety of colleges and universities, but the most common among them are Columbus State Community College, Velas Diving SSI, and West Virginia Northern Community College.

Trends in employee education at River City Ale Works reveal a lot about the company's intellectual environment. Employees at River City Ale Works typically hold a Associate of Applied Science, SSI Open Water Diver, Associate of Arts, Costal Cruising 101, and High School Diploma degrees.

Candidates applying to River City Ale Works have also shown interest in Gooch's Pub, SideBern's, Dicarlo's Pizza, Server, and Bob Evans.

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