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Bruce Watson
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Headquartered at 33195 Lewis St, Union City, CA, success follows signs and advertising specialties company Rapid Displays around. It boasts an annual revenue of $14.4 million and employs 113 people. Without a doubt, you'll be unable to deny the appeal of Rapid Displays. The company is led by President Bruce Watson.

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Rapid Displays Employee Statistics

The most common universities attended by Rapid Displays employees are Northeastern University , Morton East High School , St. Rita, Cleveland State University, and Cbtis.

Trends in employee education at Rapid Displays provide important insight into the company's intellectual environment. The highest level of education for most Rapid Displays employees is high school graduate (35.56% of workers), followed by those who hold a GED (8.89% of workers). Among Rapid Displays employees, about 4.44% hold a Bachelor of Arts degree while 6.67% have a Bachelor of Science.

Candidates applying to work at Rapid Displays also typically seek work at Rapid Displays.

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