R F Fager Co

R F Fager Co Overview

Camp Hill, PA
Richard Fager Jr
Plumbing And Hydronic Heating Supplies

A plumbing and hydronic heating supplies company, R F Fager Co is located at 2058 State Rd, Camp Hill, PA. It pulls in a yearly revenue of $20 million and employs 103 people. Simply, R F Fager Co is making an undeniable splash in the boutique market. The firm is run by Owner Richard Fager Jr.

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R F Fager Co Employee Statistics

The most common university attended by R F Fager Co employees is West York Area High School York County Vocational Technical School.

Based on trends in employee education at R F Fager Co, there's plenty to be said about the company's intellectual environment. The most common degrees held by R F Fager Co employees are Graduation with high school diploma and Received Master Plumber license in 1983 Graduation from RSES with a 4 year certification in HVAC in 1989 Completed back flow certification through New England Water Works Association at Drexel University in 1998 Refrigerant certified through RSES Certified in Wardflex, Tracpipe, Gas-Tite, csst gas piping Certified York, Luxaire, Trane, Bryant HVAC Installer.

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