Planet Auto Sales

Planet Auto Sales Overview

Madison, AL
Julie Parker
Used Car Dealers

Based at Madison, AL, Planet Auto Sales is classified as a used car dealer. It boasts an annual revenue of $509,000 and employs one people. For the boutique market, Planet Auto Sales has started to solidify a certain sense of popularity. At present, the Owner of the firm is Julie Parker.

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Planet Auto Sales Employee Statistics

Planet Auto Sales draws applicants from around the country, but certain universities stand out above the rest. Among candidates, PATTERSON HIGH SCHOOL alumni represent 33.33%, BALTIMORE COMMUNITY COLLEGE accounts for 33.33%, and vision allied institude makes up 33.33%.

Keeping an eye on education trends at Planet Auto Sales provides key insight into the intellectual environment. Employees at Planet Auto Sales typically hold a ART & HUMANITIES and certification degrees.

Applicants seeking opportunities at Planet Auto Sales have also shown interest in CHARMCITY JANITORIAL (UMMC).

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