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Paul Phillips
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A painting and paper hanging company, Phillips Painting Inc is situated directly at 152 Current Dr, New Castle, CO. It boasts an annual revenue of $5.4 million and employs 50 people. Known for its boutique appeal, Phillips Painting Inc has become quite a gem within market. The firm's President is Paul Phillips.

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Phillips Painting Inc Employee Statistics

There's plenty to be said about the intellectual environment at Phillips Painting Inc based on trends in employee education. Employees at Phillips Painting Inc typically hold an NET PAYMENT DUE ON DEC. 20TH SALES NUMBER SIZE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION QTY PRICE VALUE 155-1969 EACH CR200 CRADLE RATCHET bc 1 7.79 7.79 155-0631 PAIR PCSWWH 36X32 WH SW UTIL PAN 1 20.59 20.59 bc SUBTOTAL 28.38 Thank You 8.250% SALES TAX:1-447508000 2.34 receipt required for refund CHARGE $30.72 SIGNED PACKING SLIP # 21188 VERIFIES MERCHANDISE WAS RECEIVED IN GOOD ORDER BY: ALBERTO MACIAS Page 1 of 1 Dept. xx-xxxxxx7506 degree.

Phone 9728679792 TENDER DATE, PHILLIPS PAINTING INC*JASON, LATTIMORE DRIVE REQ DATE TENDER CLERK , and THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO are also popular companies for job seekers applying to Phillips Painting Inc.

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