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Phillip's 66 Overview

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Greg C. Garland
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Phillips 66 is a gas stations, and its headquarters can be found at Franklin, NC. The company falls under the highly profitable category because it has an annual income of $87.17 billion. The company has earned itself a healthy track record of success. The company's leadership is headed by CEO Greg C. Garland.

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Phillip's 66 Employee Statistics

The largest number of Phillips 66 employees graduated from Brazosport College, University of Phoenix, and Rogers State University.

There's plenty to be said about the intellectual environment at Phillips 66 based on trends in employee education. At Phillips 66, the most common educational background is high school graduate (31.25% of workers). At Phillips 66, Bachelor of Arts degrees are very common among employees (1.14%) as are Bachelor of Science degrees (8.33%).

Among Phillips 66 candidates, companies like ConocoPhillips, McDonalds, CONOCOPHILLIPS, Burger King, and UPS are also popular places to apply.

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