Paradise Palms

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Dave Abernathy
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Retail nursery and garden store Paradise Palms runs main operations out of 10211 Frankie Lane Dr, St James City, FL. It has an annual revenue of $2.5 million and employs 14 people. Known for its niche appeal, Paradise Palms boasts a high amount of appeal. Dave Abernathy currently heads the company as President.

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Paradise Palms Employee Statistics

Candidates seeking jobs at Paradise Palms hail from universities all over the country, but certain institutions stand out above the rest. Pamlico Community College alumni represent 50%, Cimarron Memorial High School accounts for 25% of candidates, and Arnold High School makes up 25%.

Employee education trends at Paradise Palms help provide insight into the company's intellectual environment. At Paradise Palms, the most common educational background among employees is high school graduate (50% of workers). Following are GED holders (50% of workers).

Candidates applying to work at Paradise Palms also typically seek work at Discount Furniture and kmart.

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