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Headquartered at PO Box 38, Sabina, OH, success follows prefabricated wood buildings company Palm Harbor Homes around. It has an annual revenue of $604.7 million and employs 2,113 people. A gem in the market, Palm Harbor Homes has become quite popular for its niche appeal. The company's President is Tom Renner.

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Palm Harbor Homes Employee Statistics

The most common universities attended by Palm Harbor Homes employees are lebanon high, Plant City High School, Tuskegee University, South Albany High School, and Berkner High School.

Educational trends among employees at Palm Harbor Homes provide insight into the company's intellectual environment. At Palm Harbor Homes, the most common educational background is high school graduate (24.04% of workers), followed by those who hold a GED (22.4% of workers). Academic achievement is very important at Palm Harbor Homes. About 2.73% of employees hold a Bachelor of Arts degree while 3.83% have a Bachelor of Science.

Job seekers applying to Palm Harbor Homes have also sought opportunities at Kirby Company, Express Personnel , GOODMAN MANFACTURING, TREND SETTER REALTY, and STANDARD RENEWABLE ENERGY.

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