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On The Way Cafe Overview

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Neil Viciello
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On The Way Cafe is a restaurant that's located at 34 Ridgeland Ter, Rye, NY. It boasts an annual revenue of $1.3 million and employs 28 people. On The Way Cafe's reputation in the boutique space is something to be admired. Overseeing the success of the firm is President Neil Viciello.

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On The Way Cafe Employee Statistics

A wide variety of alma maters are represented by On The Way Cafe employees, but among the most common are Gateway Technical College, Orange County Community College, and Crawford County R II.

For further insight into On The Way Cafe's intellectual environment, look at the trends in employee education. In terms of educational background among employees at On The Way Cafe, the most common is high school graduate (27.27% of workers).

Other companies that are popular among On The Way Cafe applicants include Racine Riverside Marine, Asthma and Allergy Consultants, McDonalds, National Guard, and Mace's Supermarket.

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