New Horizons Home Care

New Horizons Home Care Overview

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Yuri Bergman
Home Health Care Services

Home health care services company New Horizons Home Care has established headquarters at 23900 Orchard Lake Rd # 280, Farmington Hills, MI. It has an annual revenue of $860,440 and employs 15 people. With a terrific niche in the market, New Horizons Home Care has become quite popular. The firm's Owner is Yuri Bergman.

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New Horizons Home Care Employee Statistics

Applicants across the country flock to New Horizons Home Care, but positions here are more attractive to alumni from certain universities. Kim Kenyon RN. alumni represent 16.67%, Forbush High School speaks for 16.67%, and Winston Salem State University makes up 16.67%.

Trends in employee education reveal plenty about New Horizons Home Care's intellectual environment. Employees at New Horizons Home Care typically hold a Managers licence, Associate Degree, High School Diploma, Bachelor Degree, and ADN degrees.

Job seekers applying to New Horizons Home Care have also sought opportunities at AON Consulting, Partners National Health Plans, PARTNERS National Health Plans, Forsyth Medical Center , and Forsyth Medical Center.

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