Mom's Apple Pie

Mom's Apple Pie Overview

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Maureen Kirwan
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Moms Apple Pie is a family clothing store, and it's conveniently located at 2322 46th Ave, San Francisco, CA. It boasts an annual revenue of $325,920 and employs three people. Moms Apple Pie's success is largely dependent on a specialized market. The firm is run by Owner Maureen Kirwan.

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Mom's Apple Pie Employee Statistics

Applicants across the country flock to Moms Apple Pie, but positions here are more attractive to alumni from certain universities. Analy High School alumni represent 33.33%, Woodgrove High School speaks for 33.33%, and Santa Rosa Junior College makes up 33.33%.

For a closer look at the intellectual environment at Moms Apple Pie, look at the educational trends among employees. The highest level of education for most Moms Apple Pie employees is high school graduate (66.67% of workers).

Other companies that are popular among Moms Apple Pie applicants include Marshalls.

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