Medsource Overview

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Patrick Charmel
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Based at 130 Division St Ste 2, Derby, CT, general medical and surgical hospitals company Medsource has a lot to offer. It has an annual revenue of $42.4 million and employs 64 people. Well-known in the marketplace, Medsource has a niche quality that has certainly gained popularity. At the head of the company is President Patrick Charmel.

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Medsource Employee Statistics

Medsource draws applicants from around the country, but certain universities stand out above the rest. Among candidates, Illinois State University alumni represent 4%, The Art Institute of Atlanta accounts for 4%, and South Louisiana Technical College makes up 4%.

The intellectual environment at Medsource is diverse, but there are plenty of trends among employee education. Overall, the most common educational background at Medsource is high school graduate (31.25% of workers). Among employees at Medsource, about 4.17% hold a Bachelor of Arts degree while 4.17% have a Bachelor of Science.

Candidates seeking work at Medsource have also shown interest in Medsource.

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