McCue Mortgage Company

McCue Mortgage Company Overview

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William Mc Cue
Mortgage Bankers And Loan Correspondents

The base of operations for mortgage bankers and loan correspondents company McCue Mortgage Company are located at New Britain, CT. It has an annual revenue of $14.5 million and employs 71 people. Recognized for its specialized appeal, McCue Mortgage Company has gained quite a popularity within the industry. Currently heading the company is President William Mc Cue.

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McCue Mortgage Company Employee Statistics

The top most commonly attended alma maters among McCue Mortgage Company employees are Central Connecticut State University, Weaver High School, Glastonbury High School, and Providence College.

Employee education trends at McCue Mortgage Company help provide insight into the company's intellectual environment. Overall, the most common educational background among employees at McCue Mortgage Company is high school graduate (40% of workers).

Other companies like Women's Health Professional, CPH Staffing / Apria Healthcare, Oakleaf Waste Management Systems, State of Connecticut Legislative Office, and Teletech are popular choices for McCue Mortgage Company applicants.

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