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Keith Banks
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The headquarters of Lloyd Staffing, an employment agency, are located at 58 W 40th St, New York, NY. It has an annual revenue of $10.8 million and employs 132 people. For the boutique market, Lloyd Staffing has started to solidify a certain sense of popularity. The company is currently presided over by President Keith Banks.

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Lloyd Staffing Employee Statistics

Queensborough Community College, Syracuse University, The New York School for Medical and Dental Assis, Long Beach City College, and University of Phoenix are the most common alma maters of Lloyd Staffing employees.

Trends in employee education at Lloyd Staffing shed light on the intellectual strength of the company. In terms of educational background among employees at Lloyd Staffing, the most common is high school graduate (19.4% of workers).

The Forward Newspaper, Long Island Cardiovascular, Christian Herald Association, Allied SpectaGuard, and New York Neurological Associates are also popular companies for job seekers applying to Lloyd Staffing.

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