Labella Associates

Labella Associates Overview

Rochester, NY & 1 other city view all
Salvatore A Labella
Engineering Services

An engineering services company, Labella Associates is located at 300 State St # 201, Rochester, NY. It has an annual revenue of $20.7 million and employs 100 people. Known for its boutique appeal, Labella Associates has become quite a gem within market. The firm is managed by CEO Salvatore A Labella.

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Labella Associates Employee Statistics

Among the many alma maters represented at Labella Associates, New River Technical and Community College, Alfred State College, and Edison Tech are the most common.

For a closer look at the intellectual environment at Labella Associates, look at the educational trends among employees. The most common degrees held by Labella Associates employees are A.A. Degree, High School Diploma, and Bachelor of Science.

Applicants seeking opportunities at Labella Associates have also shown interest in Labella Associates.

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