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Kirby House Overview

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Ray Riker
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Hotel Kirby House has established headquarters at 294 Center St, Douglas, MI. It has an annual revenue of $8.1 million and employs 202 people. Known for its niche appeal, Kirby House boasts a high amount of appeal. Ray Riker currently heads the company in the position of Owner.

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Kirby House Employee Statistics

Employees at Kirby House represent a wide variety of alma maters, but the most common among them are Grand Valley State University, Grand Haven High School, Michigan State University, Muskegon Community College, and Careerline Tech Center.

Employee education trends at Kirby House are helpful in gaining insight into the company's intellectual environment. Overall, the most common educational background among employees at Kirby House is high school graduate (50% of workers).

Job seekers applying to Kirby House have also sought opportunities at Kirby House.

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