Kids R My Business

Kids R My Business Overview

Edgewater, FL
Marjorie Rector
Child Day Care Services & 1 other industry view all

Kids R My Business is a child day care service, and its headquarters are located at 1824 Hibiscus Dr, Edgewater, FL. It brings in a revenue of $189,880 annually and employs two people. Known by many, Kids R My Business has started to earn a list of admirers with its specialized appeal. Owner Marjorie Rector is at the head of company leadership.

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Kids R My Business Employee Statistics

Frankfort Community High School, WEST FRANKFORT COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL, and John A. Logan College are the most common alma maters among employees at Kids R My Business.

Based on employee education trends, there's a lot to be said about the intellectual environment at Kids R My Business. The most common degrees held by Kids R My Business employees are Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education and Associates Degree of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education.

Other companies that are popular among Kids R My Business applicants include Just Kids , 204 Consolidated School, and 204 CONSOLIDATED SCHOOL.

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