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Mike Key
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Located at 26689 28th Ave, Gobles, MI, Key Electric is categorized as an electrical work company. It pulls in a yearly revenue of $7.2 million and employs 57 people. In recent years, Key Electric has become quite noticeable for its specialized appeal as a company. The firm's success rests upon Owner Mike Key.

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Key Electric Employee Statistics

The top most commonly attended alma maters among Key Electric employees are Parkview Baptist School, Southfield High School, Columbia High School, BCIT, and Latexo Elementary & High School.

The intellectual environment at Key Electric is diverse, but there are plenty of trends among employee education. The most common educational background among employees at Key Electric is high school graduate (42.86% of workers).

Trees of Houston, J+R Industrial Wiring, Special Distribution, IBEW Local 223, and Toys R Us are also popular companies for job seekers applying to Key Electric.

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