Kenwood Country Club

Kenwood Country Club Overview

Cincinnati, OH
George House
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You can find membership sports and recreation club Kenwood Country Club at 6501 Kenwood Rd, Cincinnati, OH. President George House currently oversees the success of the firm.

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Kenwood Country Club Employee Statistics

The top most commonly attended alma maters among Kenwood Country Club employees are Princeton High School, Elder High School, Our Lady of Lourdes, Cincinnati State College, and Indian Hill High School.

For further insight into Kenwood Country Club's intellectual environment, look at the trends in employee education. In terms of educational backgrounds at Kenwood Country Club, the most common among employees is high school graduate (38.18% of workers). When it come to academic achievement at Kenwood Country Club, about 7.27% of employees hold a Bachelor of Arts degree while 5.45% have a Bachelor of Science.

Other companies like Pacific Sunwear, Select restaurants/Parker's, Montgomery Inn, NEWPORT SYNDICATE, and MASIONETTE are popular choices for Kenwood Country Club applicants.

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