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Bruce Morin
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KB Construction is a heavy construction, nec company, and it's conveniently located at E Hwy 5, Belcourt, ND. It pulls in a yearly revenue of $142,800 and employs one people. Known by many, KB Construction has started to earn a list of admirers with its specialized appeal. The firm's CEO is Bruce Morin.

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KB Construction Employee Statistics

The most common universities attended by KB Construction employees are Centauras High School, Cumberland Co. College, Buena Regional High School, Earnest Saloom Acedemy, and Galt High School.

Employee education trends at KB Construction help provide insight into the company's intellectual environment. In terms of educational background among employees at KB Construction, the most common is high school graduate (36.67% of workers). About 3.33% of KB Construction employees hold a Bachelor of Arts degree while 3.33% have a Bachelor of Science.

Candidates seeking work at KB Construction have also shown interest in zajacs landscaping , Watkins Grain Elevator, Boyle Finish Carpenters, the pool store , and vocelli pizza.

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