Joseph Environmental LLC

Joseph Environmental LLC Overview

Newark, NJ
Rhett Zidziunas
Metals Service Centers And Offices & 1 other industry view all

Metals service centers and office company Joseph Environmental LLC's headquarters are at 80 Varsity Rd, Newark, NJ. It brings in a revenue of $3.5 million annually and employs three people. Known for its specialized appeal, Joseph Environmental LLC has become quite popular within the industry. The firm is currently headed by President Rhett Zidziunas.

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Joseph Environmental LLC Employee Statistics

Employee education trends at Joseph Environmental LLC provide insight into the intellectual environment. Employees at Joseph Environmental LLC typically hold a Diploma and Certificate Program for Environmental Processes Industrial Environmental Management OSHA 40 Hour Hazwoper Safety Fundamentals of Emergency Management, FEMA Emergency Planning, FEMA Certify Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasure (SPCC). Certify Lead Inspector / Risk Assessor ( New Jersey / EPA - New York ) Certify EPA - Lead based Paint Supervisor (New York) Certify- Asbestos Inspector ( New York) Certify EPA - Asbestos Project Monitor ( New York) Certify EPA - Air Sampling Technician ( New York) Certify Asbestos Awareness Introduction Geographical Information System (GIS ) Title V Air permitting Introduction to Air Pollution Control Risk - Based Air Toxics Microsoft MSoffice'97 C++ Programming Microsoft Certify SQL Server DATABASE 2000 / 2005 EDUCATIONS: Masters In Engineering , Environmental Engineer, Stevens Institute of Technology (2008) Bachelor In Engineering, Chemical Engineer degrees.

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