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Jerry L Simmons
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J & M Cabinets, whose headquarters are located at 14700 Mcclellan Rd, Biloxi, MS, is a furniture store. It pulls in a yearly revenue of $404,000 and employs two people. For the boutique market, J & M Cabinets has started to solidify a certain sense of popularity. The firm's success rests upon Owner Jerry L Simmons.

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J & M Cabinets Employee Statistics

The most common alma maters represented at J & M Cabinets are South Florida State College, Maroochydore High School, and Umass Dartmouth.

Trends in employee education at J & M Cabinets shed light on the intellectual strength of the company. In terms of educational background among employees at J & M Cabinets, the most common is high school graduate (66.67% of workers). Following are those who hold a GED (33.33% of workers).

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