Hillside Rehab Hospital

Hillside Rehab Hospital Overview

Warren, OH
Rodney Jones
Job Training And Related Services

Hillside Rehab Hospital is a job training and related services company, and its headquarters are located at 8747 Squires Ln NE, Warren, OH. The company draws $22.8 million in annual revenue. Though Hillside Rehab Hospital has yet to hit the mainstream, it's found niche success. A good President is essential to any company, and Rodney Jones has brought ample success to the firm.

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Hillside Rehab Hospital Employee Statistics

Candidates seeking jobs at Hillside Rehab Hospital hail from universities all over the country, but certain institutions stand out above the rest. Trumbull Career Tech School alumni represent 12.5%, Kent State accounts for 12.5% of candidates, and Brookfield High School makes up 12.5%.

Trends in employee education reveal plenty about Hillside Rehab Hospital's intellectual environment. In terms of educational backgrounds at Hillside Rehab Hospital, the most common among employees is high school graduate (25% of workers).

Applicants seeking opportunities at Hillside Rehab Hospital have also shown interest in Lightner Auto Body, Pages New Ages Diner, Obrien Memorial Healthcare, Youngstown Osteopathic Hospital, and Trumbull Memorial Hospital.

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