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George Coleman
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The base of operations for restaurant Georges Restaurant are located at 102 State Highway 15 S, New Albany, MS. It pulls in a yearly revenue of $427,200 and employs 25 people. Simply, Georges Restaurant is making an undeniable splash in the boutique market. The firm's President is George Coleman.

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George's Restaurant Employee Statistics

Georges Restaurant employees hail from a wide variety of colleges and universities, but the most common among them are NEMCC, Preston High School, and Lockport Township High School.

Trends in employee education at Georges Restaurant provide important insight into the company's intellectual environment. Employees at Georges Restaurant typically hold a Associate of Science, High School Diploma, GED, N/A, and Diploma degrees.

Candidates applying to work at Georges Restaurant also typically seek work at AC COFFEE, Yonkers Police Department Forensic Science Laboratory, and East Side Marios.

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