General Electric

General Electric Overview

Pineville, SC & 45 other cities
Jeffrey R. Immelt
Electrical Work & 15 other industries

Electrical work company General Electric runs main operations out of Pineville, SC. It possesses an annual income of $140.39 billion, which makes it highly profitable. A highly successful company, General Electric has become easily recognizable in the industry. CEO Jeffrey R. Immelt manages the firm's success.

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General Electric Employee Statistics

Most employees at General Electric are alumni from Lee College, Houston Community College, several schools, University of Phoenix, and Texas School of Business.

For a glimpse into the intellectual environment at General Electric, look at the trends among employee education. In terms of educational background among employees at General Electric, the most common is high school graduate (20.9% of workers). At General Electric, academic achievement is set to high standards. About 1.85% of employees hold a Bachelor of Arts degree while 10.36% have a Bachelor of Science.

Among General Electric candidates, companies like Meadville Forge, Dot's Market , Ogden Manafacturing, H & R Block, and Adventure Acres LLC are also popular places to apply.

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