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Richard Bell
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The base of operations for rubber and plastics hose and beltings company Gates Corp are located at 1551 Wewatta St, Denver, CO. It brings in a revenue of $280.7 million annually and employs 24,915 people. Without a doubt, Gates Corp has a niche appeal that makes it quite noticeable in the boutique market. CEO Richard Bell currently heads the company.

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Gates Corp Employee Statistics

The most common universities attended by Gates Corp employees are Centerville High School, Newport High School, Freeport High, Western Carolina University, and Auburn High.

Trends in employee education at Gates Corp provide important insight into the company's intellectual environment. In terms of educational backgrounds at Gates Corp, the most common among employees is high school graduate (38.46% of workers). Following are those who hold a GED (23.08% of workers).

Other popular companies for job seekers applying to Gates Corp are Gates Corp.

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