Focal Point Communications

Focal Point Communications Overview

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Matt Shooner
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Located at 61 Circle Freeway Dr, Cincinnati, OH, Focal Point Communications is categorized as a miscellaneous publishing company. It brings in a revenue of $4.1 million annually and employs 28 people. Undeniably, Focal Point Communications is a go-to when talking about its niche market. The firm is run by President Matt Shooner.

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Focal Point Communications Employee Statistics

The top most commonly attended alma maters among Focal Point Communications employees are Manchester West High School, Perry Hall High School, Northern Essex Community College, and Middlesex Community College.

Employee educational trends provide a close-up view into Focal Point Communications's intellectual environment. Employees at Focal Point Communications typically hold a Associates, High School Diploma, Associate of Arts, and HS Diploma degrees.

Focal Point Communications are also popular companies for job seekers applying to Focal Point Communications.

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