Farmers Trust & Savings Bank

Farmers Trust & Savings Bank Overview

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Todd Langenfeld
National Commercial Banks

At 122 Main St, Earling, IA, you'll find national commercial banks company Farmers Trust & Savings Bank's headquarters. It boasts an annual revenue of $29.5 million and employs 50 people. Catering to a distinct section of the market, Farmers Trust & Savings Bank has exhibited significant niche appeal. The firm is currently headed by President Todd Langenfeld.

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Farmers Trust & Savings Bank Employee Statistics

The largest number of Farmers Trust & Savings Bank employees graduated from Battle Creek Community Schools, Spencer School of Business, and Marshalltown Community College.

For further insight into Farmers Trust & Savings Bank's intellectual environment, look at the trends in employee education. The most common degrees held by Farmers Trust & Savings Bank employees are NA, High School Diploma, and high school diploma.

Job seekers applying to Farmers Trust & Savings Bank have also sought opportunities at St. Marys School, Schaller-Crestland Community Schools, Citizens First National Bank, Fox, Boyd, Sailer & Shriver dental associates, and NorthWest Federal Savings Bank.

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