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Evans Realty Overview

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Teena Turner
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Evans Realty is a real estate agents and managers company, and it's conveniently located at Emmett, ID. It boasts an annual revenue of $8 million and employs 53 people. Evans Realty's unique nature and offerings are in high demand in the boutique market. Owner Teena Turner currently oversees the success of the firm.

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Evans Realty Employee Statistics

Candidates seeking jobs at Evans Realty hail from universities all over the country, but certain institutions stand out above the rest. Howell College alumni represent 18.18%, Jones County Jr college accounts for 9.09% of candidates, and westend high school makes up 9.09%.

Trends in employee education at Evans Realty are an important insight into the company's intellectual environment. Among employees at Evans Realty, the most common educational background is high school graduate (18.18% of workers).

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