Epic Adventures

Epic Adventures Overview

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James Wilson
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A motorcycle dealers company, Epic Adventures is located at 639 S Washington Ave, Lebanon, MO. It boasts an annual revenue of $635,520 and employs six people. A large portion of the popularity Epic Adventures has gained stems from its specialized appeal in the market. Owner James Wilson manages the company.

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Epic Adventures Employee Statistics

Epic Adventures draws applicants from around the country, but certain universities stand out above the rest. Among candidates, Eastern Washington University alumni represent 66.67%, Clackamas Community College accounts for 22.22%, and University of Minnesota makes up 11.11%.

Trends in employee education at Epic Adventures are an important insight into the company's intellectual environment. Most employees (33.33%) hold a Bachelor of Science degree.

Among Epic Adventures candidates, companies like Herbalife, Diversity and Multicultural Affairs Dpt. Clackamas Community College, The Home Depot, Eagle Entertainment, and Boy Scouts of America are also popular places to apply.

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