Edison Chouest Offshore

Edison Chouest Offshore Overview

Houston, TX
Oil And Gas Field Services, Nec

Edison Chouest Offshore is an oil and gas field services, nec company that's located at 10260 Westheimer Rd # 200, Houston, TX. It brings in a revenue of $411,840 annually and employs three people. Edison Chouest Offshore has carved out a space for itself in the boutique space with its specialized appeal. The company is headed by a CEO.

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Edison Chouest Offshore Employee Statistics

A wide variety of alma maters are represented by Edison Chouest Offshore employees, but among the most common are South Lafourche High School, South Terrebonne High School, and Edison Chouest Offshore Training Center.

Trends in employee education reveal plenty about Edison Chouest Offshore's intellectual environment. At Edison Chouest Offshore, the most common educational background would be high school graduate (31.69% of workers), followed by those holding a GED (4.93% of workers). When it come to academic achievement at Edison Chouest Offshore, about 2.46% of employees hold a Bachelor of Arts degree while 4.58% have a Bachelor of Science.

Other popular companies for job seekers applying to Edison Chouest Offshore are Hornbeck Offshore, United States Navy, Global Industries, United States Coast Guard, and Internation Marine Systems.

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