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Robin Raina
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Data processing and preparation company Ebix Inc has established headquarters at 1900 E Golf Rd, Schaumburg, IL. It pulls in a yearly revenue of $27.2 million and employs 270 people. The specialized appeal of Ebix Inc has given it plenty of recognition in the market. The firm's success rests upon CEO Robin Raina.

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Ebix Inc Employee Statistics

Ebix Inc employees hail from a wide variety of colleges and universities, but the most common among them are JK Public School, University of Jammu, and The Business School, University of Jammu.

Employee education trends at Ebix Inc are helpful in gaining insight into the company's intellectual environment. The most common degrees held by Ebix Inc employees are MBA, Bachelors of Business Administration, and EXTRA QUALIFICATION 3 Months each Certificate Courses from International Centre For Cross Cultural Research And Human Resource Management in : Cross - Cultural International Management. Human Resource Management Practices & Labour laws and A 6 month Certificate Course of Virtual International Studies from the University Of Jammu, which has validation in 37+ countries of the world. SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENTS Entrepreneurship Development Cell of SHRI MATA VAISHNO DEVI UNIVERSITY (SMVDU) in collaboration with Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI Cell) of Jammu and Kashmir State in the year 2013. Won 1st position in The Business Fest under the AD-NIRMAN competition organised by The Management School, Kathua Campus-University Of Jammu in the year 2013.

Applicants seeking opportunities at Ebix Inc have also shown interest in Sun Life Financial Inc , Tata Teleservices Ltd, Jammu and Kashmir Bank Ltd, Pyramid Companies, and US Web / CKS.

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